We have crafted a culture that is supportive, inclusive and equal.

Our story

We have come a long way, but we are nowhere near the end of our story just yet. We have always been on the bleeding edge of new technologies and will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our story starts already in the 1960s – the Institute of Cybernetics, a research institution, was the predecessor of what today is known as Cybernetica. Currently we have 5 product and service development departments: Cybersecurity, Data Exchange Technologies, Digital Identity Technologies, Information Security Systems and Surveillance Systems Department. On top of that, we also have an in-house Information Security Research Institute.

Why Cybernetica?

A team that skis together, stays together.

Other outdoor sports are allowed, too. We also have a formidable board game community, at least 4 in-house DJs (that we know of!), a couple of resident artists and people that have big dogs, small dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens… In addition to fascinating characters, we also offer various benefits:

+ Flexible working hours, remote work and a private and quiet office space

+ We support your team outside the office team: bonus for the birth of a child, play areas for kids in the office, children’s Christmas party

+ Self-development above all: we support degree studies with flexible arrangements, internal seminars, attend conferences of your choice, of course we have a library in the office.

+ Sports compensation (plus sports attire as well!), team sports, 5 paid health days per year.

+ Traditional team events and company-wide celebrations. We celebrate all victories, big and small.

Quick overview

170 employees

Tallinn, Tartu



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“We’re looking for smart, diligent and fearless people to join our teams. Our culture is close-knit, but friendly and inclusive, and you’ll be supported by colleagues and managers alike.”
Kerli Reimann
Head of HR